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Isn’t the smoothie’s one of the most popular foods in recent times?

It is right that making smoothies are known as one of the most popular food trends over the last ten years, and it is not that difficult to understand why.

They are a delicious and convenient way of boosting your nutrient intake, and it also adds more diversity to your diet. Furthermore, they are entirely customizable, which means that each ingredient can have adjustments based on your mood, taste preferences, or dietary goals.

Perhaps the most crucial thing about smoothies is that there is a natural preparation process involved. A little bit of time along with the best blender for smoothies, everything can get more relaxed.

Something you should remember is, behind every delicious smoothie, there is work of the best blender for smoothies. However, there are many options in the market from which you can choose the best blender for your kitchen countertop. Several features such as convenience, power, noise, price, and size need to be considered before purchasing a new smoothie blender.


Why Should You Buy a Blender for making Smoothies?

When looking for a smoothie blender, you would not consider any ordinary blender for sure. You will look for the best blender to make a smoothie. Once you find the perfect product at any store, the next aspect is making sure that your blender needs to meet your vital needs.

The physical features would also matter because it needs to have favorable clean-up and maintenance. The financial aspect is also essential as you will surely consider a blender that is reasonable in terms of the price.

The top smoothie blender should be adequate not just for blending smoothies with or without ice but also to assist you in making a plethora of recipes. The items in this regard include salsas, oatmeal, pancakes, dips, sauces, waffles, batters, soups, ice cream, and more.

In this review, we have listed out the best blenders for making smoothies to meet your cooking needs. One of them is guaranteed to provide meaningful satisfaction that you always needed.


Top 3 Best Blender for Smoothies in 2020

Before we dive into a detailed review of the best blenders, here are the top 3 blenders for you:

  1. NutriBullet Pro – Our Top Pick
  2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece – Runner Up
  3. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional – Best Budget Blender

Detailed Reviews For Our Reader

Let’s delve into the review of each model one by one.



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1. NutriBullet Pro – Our Top Pick


“The Nutribullet Pro is certainly the slightly flashier and more powerful model in comparison with other blenders”



  •  Easy to clean and use
  •  Blends all frozen foods quite well
  •  Helpful with regards to healthy eating


  •  Extremely loud
  •  It may leak


With the help of Nutribullet Pro 900, there is no difficulty in making smoothies, shakes, whole juices, cold dips, icy drinks, and nut butter. You cannot undoubtedly blend hot foods like sauces or hot soups. It is not safe at all for adding hot ingredients into the Pro 900.

Though, customers had presented positive results when the blender was used to blend and grind dry foods such as spices and coffee. Some of the great YouTube videos are available that demonstrates how the Pro 900 deals with dry ingredients. The results are tremendous in this regard.

Yes, it is super easy to clean the blender. It is necessary to rinse the cups and blade with hot water. You must give them a scrub with the help of a brush and dish-washer. This requirement is there when stubborn seeds or sticky smoothie residue is left over. The current cleaning process can get effective in removing any kind of leftover in the blender.

With this particular blender, you can surely expect excellent results while using it in the best possible manner.

Bottom Line

The Pro 900 is more powerful and even has larger cups in comparison with other blenders. It has remained the most vital element of the blenders.



2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece – Runner Up


“The main concept that is there in the NutriBullet NBR-1201 design is getting the best out of your food.”



  •  Powerful grinding and blending
  •  Sleek design and compact
  •  Cups have lids and also have removable handles for secure storage
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  •  Can make a lot of noise
  •  The blades are not dishwasher safe
  •  Cannot have usage with hot liquid


This is super convenient and quite easy to use a blender. NutriBullet is certainly amongst the easier models in operating. It is quite easy and also safe for kids to use as well. For making a smoothie, it is necessary to add the desired ingredients into the cup.

It is also essential in adding the liquid and bringing it then up to the market line in the cup for the prevention of any leakage while blending. Finally, it is crucial to screw the blade on the cup to seal it, and then you get done. The safety switch of the motor gets automatically turned on when the cup is kept on the base.

Anyone get quite thrilled with the power of this best blender of smoothies. It works very well for the users. The ingredients get liquefied on an immediate basis. The engine gets quiet, which is usually a relief for many people. The blender completes the whole job in a matter of a few minutes. This is a vital aspect of saving time.

The NutriBullet is quite small enough, as it can get transported anywhere based on your convenience. There is no major problem in this regard.


Bottom Line:

The blender is quite feature-rich, safe, and easy to use. It is a vital blender in making healthy recipes quickly by retaining the nutrition value.



3. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional – Best Budget Blender


“The blender is perfect that you can put to use and then select to install it in your kitchen. This mixture can then help in getting the beautiful mix of whatever you can put.”



  •  The motor can last for a long time
  •  There are no leakages
  •  It is also quite easy to clean
  •  All parts have high quality
  •  It does not acquire a lot of space


  •  It is not possible to crush seeds, like the blackberry seeds
  •  Plastic cups can get wear down very soon


This 1000 watt Nutri Ninja blender consists of Pro Extractor blades, which have a combination with its powerful motor. It helps in breaking down whole fruits, ice, nuts, vegetables, and seeds into a smooth blend. The high-speed blade rotation and pulse technology can also make sure of that.

The most stand out feature about this model is its size that has a combination with professional sized power. It has an inclusion of 1000 watt motor base that can fill up the quantities such as 12 oz. to-go cup, an 18 oz. to-go cup and a 24 oz. to-go cup. The inclusion of features such as Pro Extractor blades, two lids, and an instruction book.

All the blades and cups are classified as dish-washer safe and even BPA free! Thus you can take your smoothies, frothy, nutrient disease drinks on just one go without any worries. This is mainly because of the help of one feature, such as a 1-year warranty.

Bottom Line

The users can have a tremendous experience by using the product. The main reason is that the product has an amalgamation of a lot of advanced scientific techniques. This creates a lot of benefits for the users.



4. Magic Bullet Blender


“The product is a compact and a space-saving device that can certainly whip up smoothies in a flash.”



  •  The product does not have a large footprint.
  •  The inclusion of three blender cup sizes.
  •  The product does not have a loud noise.
  •  It is affordable.


  •  Blender cups are quite small and narrow.
  •  Blender cups lack measurements.
  •  The plastic parts are cheap and breakable.


The Magic Bullet is quite easy to set up. It consists of several different blender cups and lids, not just for sealing but storing as well. For getting started, it is vital in selecting a cup, tossing the ingredients, and then screwing on the blade attachment.

There are no switches, buttons, or settings related to the speed involved in the operation. The motor gets activated when you press down on the top of the cup.

You would be pleased to know that the blender takes a very light and little pressure to get started. Furthermore, the Magic Bullet also has an easy-to-engage locking feature.

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It does the best work with food items such as smoothies, protein powders, and non-frozen ingredients. The blender also provides enough power for blending most of the soft fruits, such as bananas and berries. It has done an excellent job of blending leafy greens like spinach.

The design associated with the Magic Bullet is quite simple. The base of the blender is also seriously small. This makes it easier to store in not just cabinet but even in a deep kitchen drawer. The product also takes minimal space on the counter.

A list of safety precautions is there on the back of the blender. It is even quite simple to clean. Both lids and cups are safe for dishwasher use.

Bottom Line
Magic Bullet has done an excellent job by carrying out the blending of single-serving smoothies. It has also provided enough capacity for making small batches of dips, dressings, and sauces.



5. Oster Blender Pro 1200


“The product provides the best value of money to its customers because of its excellent features.”



  •  The product is excellent for grinding coffee beans.
  •  Extremely good at making smoothies.
  •  The jar is quite large and has 70 ounces.
  •  The jar and its parts can quickly go in a dishwasher.


  •  The bottom of the blade can get rusted of the product.
  •  It is possible with this blender for making a hot beverage, soup our sauce which is too hot to consume.
  •  The product creates a loud screeching noise.
  •  There is only one position of the hard, so left-handed people may find difficulty in operating it.


The blender was introduced at the end of 2015 in the low-to-mid-range blender market. It has a 24-ounce smoothie cup and boasts around 1200 peak watts.

The blender looks elegant in its price range. All the components are quite reliable. The black plastic jar base contains a fine when it is seated into the blender base. The jar cannot get unscrewed during use.

The good news associated with this blender is that it can easily make smooth green smoothies. The product does not take a lot of time to prepare tasty smoothies.

The jar of the blender is made out of borosilicate glass, and it is a bit expensive as compared to typical soda-lime glass found in regular Pyrex. This unique glass can easily withstand changes in temperature quite better.

One of the nice things associated with this blender is that its lower speed settings are quite low, which provides reasonable control of chopping up foods.

Bottom Line
Undoubtedly, the Oster Pro 1200 is not just an affordable but good performing blender.




Best Blender – The Complete Buying Guide

If anyone is interested in a blender, then they must know about the ways to extend its performance. Without providing proper care and maintenance, these can get quite fast. Here is a complete buying guide in this regard to maintain the effectiveness of the blender.

  • Working space

All the conventional blenders are indeed quite bulkier in comparison with most of the personal and immersion blenders. The tallest seen in this regard is 20.5 inches. As a result, it is indeed necessary to store the blender in an open island or a section of counter that does not have cabinets above.

Personal blenders do not take a lot of space because they are shorter. Their height is up to 13 to 16 inches tall. Immersion blenders are compact hand-held devices that do not have a storage issue in a drawer when they are not in use.

  • Power

Blenders having stronger motors (that has a higher wattage and more horsepower) can not only work faster but even produce finer blended results. They are mainly built to run longer in comparison with their lower-powered counterparts. This aspect can tend to make them larger and even more expensive.

  • Speed

There are both conventional and immersion blenders that have multiple speeds because their designs are quite good to help people in meeting their cooking needs. Mainly, personal blenders have just one speed, and there is an option to pulse or operate continuously.

Some of the models have additional presets that have a combination of both speeds and times. They are perfectly designed for tasks like ice crushing, soup pureeing, or they also make a single serving of smoothies.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Blenders having conventional designs are not that difficult to have a cleaning process effectively. It is vital to pour some water and a bit of dish soap in the pitcher. They can usually run at high speed. The process can assist in cleaning the blade and also inside of the container without much of a hassle.

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With regards to personal blenders or those designs which do not support self-cleaning, the parts that can work with food are commonly dishwasher-safe. Otherwise, the other option is washing them by hand, but it is crucial to remain careful while cleaning the blade sets.

It is also important to note that for all the blenders that the electronic portion of the blender cannot go in the dish-washer or have full immersion.

  • Price

All the blenders at a price under $100, you can surely find low-to-medium quality conventional blenders. There is also a lower range, which is under $50; you can find a lot of affordable personal and immersion models. There are some of the better quality models which are closer to the $100 mark.

Within the price range of $100 to $200, you can find a lot of medium-quality conventional blenders. They come with a more significant accessory package. At the same time, you can even find the occasional personal or immersion blender from some of the high-end brands in this range. They will surely feature better motors and materials.

The top-tier conventional models can certainly appear in the $200-$400 range. Some can even exceed $500. They are built better, and their motors have a heavy-duty. As the cost will go up, then you have more accessories and perhaps more power.

  • Pitcher (Jar)

Blender pitchers are mostly made of plastic and glass.

In general, glass is not only cheaper but even decent. They are dishwasher safe and can have easy compatibility with both of the hot and cold contents. However, low-quality, thin glass can shatter quite easily. For this reason, they are rather risky, but thick glass is relatively heavy.

There are many of the manufacturers which select high-end plastics instead. It is only because they are lighter, safer, and more durable. However, they can get expensive, and some of them are not even dish-washer friendly.


Frequently Asked Questions about Best Blenders

In the following paragraphs, we are going to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions with regards to the best blender for smoothies. It will help in making a 100% informed decision.

Q1. I have a food processor; do I need a blender?

Food processors are vital for cutting and chopping vegetables and fruits. Blenders also have the same capability in this regard. Though, the only difference is that the blenders, unlike food processors, can also grind and mix the ingredients too.

Q2. Is there a difference between a Juicer and Blender?

A juicer has a strong capability in separating juice from the rest of vegetables or fruits. The remaining pulp and other fibers get discarded. With the help of a blender, you can combine the whole fruit or vegetable for creating a thicker liquid. Those interested in digesting smoothie from a blender may find that it can take a lot of time.

Q3. What about the Automatic Operation of Blenders?

Some of the blenders that especially consist of higher-end models feature built-in programs that can automatically shift from function to function. It can take out the guesswork associated with blending. For instance, to create a smoothie, the blender can automatically shift from ice crush to pulse, to mix and then liquefy without any kind of intervention.



All the reviewed models are built with the latest technologies and high-quality materials to have optimal performance along with longevity.

Both price and brand are classified as essential components before the selection of a product. Buyers need to focus on things that can have a direct impact on the overall performance. These many include functionalities of the machine, ease of use, construction, and safety.

Any beginner needs a recommendation for the blender that they must find something that looks not only good but works quite well and add value to money.
It is very clear that purchasing the best blender is simply not a matter of preference but also of budget and need.

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