Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers: A Beginners’ Guide and Reviews




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Are you a diehard fan of iced coffee? Well, it’s time to invest in an excellent cold brew coffee maker!

If you are someone who goes to Costa or Starbucks almost every day to grab a cup of cold coffee as to get your iced caffeine fix, the one-time investment would be more economical. Plus, you can get a freshly brewed iced coffee at any time of the day or night without having to step out of the comfort of your home on lazy days.

What is Brewing?

If you are wondering what brewing means, it is an extended method of extraction that brings out the real aroma and flavor from the coffee beans. A perfect homemade cold brew coffee depends on the ratio of water to the ground, water quality, and excellent filtration. Some coffee brewers do give the ideal results at home, while others are not as efficient as them. But, we have listed down the best cold brew coffee makers or in simple words, best coffee grinder or best coffee makers, to help you find the best product.

What is the best coffee for cold brew coffee?

Before we dive into the best products, it is essential to know as to which coffee to use for your coffee machine. If you want a mellow, less acidic, and rounded flavor, you are recommended to use coarse grinds as they are better when it comes to filtering the coffee. When the grounds are too fine, it will take longer to filter it via an extra filter paper, or some of the grits won’t get caught during the filtration process. A hand burr grinder is comparatively low-cost and very convenient.

When it comes to the type of roast, it depends on your personal choice. Light to medium roasts is typically more acidic. However, its acidic flavor will be minimized due to cold brewing, giving you an ultimate roast experience. Hence, a dark roast is preferred by many people as it produces a more colored texture with a richer, nuttier, and an earthy flavor.

If you prefer acidic and bitter flavors, the African beans can help you enjoy a sweeter and fruitier taste. For a bolder flavor, choose South American beans.

Guide to Choosing the Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Before you go out to purchase the best cold brew coffee maker that fits your needs and budget, here are few things to consider:

  1. Complexity
  2. Materials
  3. Filtration
  4. Size
  5. Cleaning

Complexity – Cold brew coffee is mainly about filling up a filter with grounds and pouring water. There are some automated devices to speed up brewing time. An airtight brewer is better for avoiding spills, enhancing the aromas and flavors, making the coffee lasts longer.

Materials – the components of cold coffee brewers are made with silicone, plastic, or glass. Some people prefer glass from the health point of view, but most plastic brewers are made from certified safe plastics.

Filtration –There are many kinds of coffee socks or bags, some of which are reusable. With a built-in filter, the ratio measurements solves everything. It’s better to pick a coffee maker that has a system with double filtration or has a fantastic filter; otherwise, it will be expensive to run your coffee via a drip filter.

Size – most brewers typically hold about 1 liter of liquid. With the grounds and filter inserted, it will have less than 1 liter of cold brew concentrate. Other standard sizes are 50, 48, or 40 oz. Make sure you have enough space in your refrigerator for larger brewers.

Cleaning – for plastic brewers or filters with silicone gasket rings and plastic parts, hand wash is recommended. While glass containers are borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe, oils can clog the delicate pores of the filter, and they can stain over time. For a deep cleanse, use vinegar.

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Reviews of the Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers in 2020 

Here is a list of 5 best cold brew coffee makers in 2020 to help you decide which one to bring home:

  1. Penguin Coffee Cold Brew Maker – Best to Buy in 2020
  2. Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best Portable Brewer
  3. Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best Countertop
  4. Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best Express Brewer
  5. Takeya Delux Cold Brew Maker – Best for On A Budget


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1. Penguin Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best to Buy in 2020


“Fan of espresso-style drinks, this one should be on your wish list”






  •  Extra Fine Filtration
  •  Elegant and Stylish
  •  1.2 L and 1.6 L Sizes
  •  Strong Concentrate
  •  Easy Fit for a Refrigerator Door
  •  Food Grade Silicone Parts
  •  Perfect for Gifting
  •  Dishwasher Safe


  •  No paper filtration for oils
  •  Metal edges a little sharp


This product will be an elegant and stylish addition to your kitchen. It produces a strong cold brew concentrate. More so, it has one of the best filtration systems. It is airtight and yields 1 liter of concentrate with a size that would fit easily into the door of your refrigerator.

The Penguin Cold Brewer

The cold brewer is different from others. Why? Because it has a perfect shape and size which can easily go into any fridge door. Additionally, the tapered middle makes it look stylish yet easy to grip. The glass is made from borosilicate glass, so it is resistant to rapid temperature fluctuations as well as high temperatures. Plus, all parts of this brewer are dishwasher safe.

Best Filtration System

Don’t use plastic products? Great! Even this brewer does not contain any cheap plastic. Its seal and lit are made of food-grade silicone. The most impressive feature of this brewer is its micro-mesh filter –a stainless steel double-layered filter which ascertains no bean powder or grits runoff, giving you the silkiest and smoothest drink possible.

Size Choices

The larger flask of Penguin cold brewer of 1.6 liters will produce 1 liter of concentrate which, after dilution, makes about 2.5 liters of Espresso. Moreover, it has a base diameter of 5 ⅛ inches with a height of 11 ⅛ inches. While the small 1.2-liter flask has a base of 4 ¾ inches and a height of 9 ⅛ inches. It produces 1.5 liters from the

If you break the flask, you can get its replacement from the manufacturer. It will be a little pricier though.

Brew Strength and Concentrate

The flask and filter should be filled almost to the top with water as well as coffee grounds. This will use nearly 950 ml of water and 280 grams of coffee grounds. The brewer is designed to provide a perfect ratio of water to the grounds for the perfect cold-brewed coffee. This ratio produces a strong coffee which is 3x stronger than the standard brewed coffee which enables you to make espresso styled coffee drinks.


If you are looking for a cold coffee brewer that produces an espresso styled drink and is conveniently sized and affordable, Penguin Cold Coffee Maker is what you need in your life.



2. Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best Portable Cold Brewer


“One press will satisfy your craving for coffee”




  •  Certified Tritan Plastic Steeper
  •  Well Designed
  •  40 Oz / 1 L
  •  Easy To Use
  •  Perfect For Gifting
  •  Vacuum Sealed Stainless Steel Flask
  •  Hot Water and Tea
  •  Available In 4 Colors


  •  Not so Strong Concentrate
  •  Will Not Fit Vehicle Cup Holders
  •  Not All Parts are Dishwasher Friendly


This product is yet another best coffee maker that comes with a unique and stylish design. The product is well-designed using high-quality materials, making it safe to use and leak proof. With just one press, this coffee maker includes a 1-liter flask that can also be used to make hot drinks such as tea

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Asobu Cold Brewer Coffee Maker

The top of this product is made from BPA free and certified safe Tritan plastic, while the bottom is made from stainless steel, making it perfect for keeping hot drinks warm and cold drinks chilled.


It is really easy to use. All you have to do is fill the filter with coffee grounds, pour a little amount of water in circular motions over the grounds, and let them bloom for around 60 seconds, then pour the remaining water. Let it steep for a minimum of 12 hours. After that, just push the button and you will get a fine quality drained brew into the pitcher below as the fine double mesh filter does its job perfectly.

Since not all of its components are dishwasher safe, it is best to wash it by hand. However, be careful with the rubber gasket ring during the wash.


The best part is that even for this product, a replacement for all of its components is available. The company has great and friendly customer service.


This is one of the most well made and best coffee makers out there. Since it is portable, you can easily take it anywhere with you as it can fit in any bag.



3. Kitchenaid Cold Coffee Brew Maker – Best Countertop Coffee Maker


“Premium stainless steel and thick glass Brew Maker”





  •  Available In 2 Sizes: 18 Oz And 38 Oz
  •  Easy Carry Handle
  •  Durable Thick Glass and Stainless Steel
  •  Measuring Guide on Steeper
  •  Convenient Nozzle Dispenser


  •  Some Problems with Leaks
  •  Pricey


This brewer has a variety of unique features. It can fit easily into the refrigerator; its cube design looks really appealing on the kitchen countertop. The product includes a drip-free dispenser, a removable steeping brew drum as well as a handle for easy gripping.

Brewing and Capacity

This product comes in two sizes: 28 oz and 38 oz. The price for the larger one is quite high, though. You pay quite a lot for 10 extra ounces which makes about 19 servings, while the standard one (28 oz model) can make up to 14 servings. With 250 grams of coffee grounds.


As a general rule of thumb, slowly pour in 1-liter water in a circular motion after putting coffee grounds in the steeper. Leave it for at least a minute then add in the rest of the required water. The manufacturer recommends 1:3 dilution of the concentrate for drinking. Once the process is completed, you can remove the basket and dispense the basket as it is. For a perfect brew, the strainer contains a mark to indicate how much grounds are needed for a full brew.

Style and Convenience

The unique design of this cold brew coffee maker is definitely a plus point. While most cold brewers are oval or pitcher shaped, this one is cube-shaped with a string professional and chic appearance. It can easily fit inside your refrigerator. Its nondrip dispenser makes it super convenient to pour tea or coffee into the cup without any spill. The convenient carry handle makes it easy to put in and out of the refrigerator or to even take out for picnics.


The product is well-made using high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and durability. It is easy to handle and clean. Above all, it makes a quality cold brew that is well filtered for a smooth finish. If you are looking to add a flair of elegance and style to your kitchen in the shape of the coffee maker, this is a good choice.



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4. Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Best Express Cold Brewer


“Don’t wait in long lines, get cold-brewed coffee in 20 mins”




  •  Very Simple To Use
  •  Brews Fast
  •  3 Year Warranty
  •  Easy Measuring
  •  Dishwasher Safe


  •  Comparatively don’t give strong flavor.
  •  Need extra care while washing


This is an automated device that gives a cold-brewed coffee in 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the required strength of the brew. It does not, however, produce a concentrate of brew, but a ready to drink cold coffee. Isn’t that great? If time is something that you usually run short of, this would be a convenient choice for you.

Working system

It works by using a centrifugal spinning force which enhances the rate of coffee extraction. A weak brew takes around 25 minutes, a medium 35 minutes, while the strong takes about 45min.

Brewing and concentration

However, it is not as flavorful and rich as a traditional cold brew but it is good enough for a cold caffeine fix for people who don’t really like strong coffees like espresso and Americano. It is very straightforward to use and comes with a guide and measuring spoon. This helps the user makes a perfect coffee with a perfect ratio without any guessing games.

If you like stronger and more flavorful coffee, brew it overnight in a conventional way, then in the morning, spin the machine. It will work quite well!


Want an easy and quick cold coffee in the morning or at any other time of the day? This could be the best choice for you. You might need a drip filter for an extra smooth texture though if you like your coffee to be the smoothest. It works well with the pre-ground coffee



5. Takeya Delux Cold Brew Maker – Best for On A Budget


“Takeya Delux Cold Brew Maker doesn’t bleed the wallet”



  •  Long Filter
  •  Spare Parts Easily Available
  •  Easy Fit For Refrigerators
  •  Perfect For Traveling


  •  Filter Not That Easy To Clean


The Takeya Delux is the answer to that. It has a silicone handle and is airtight. It includes the BPA free, fine mesh filter than can be extended into the jug. It comes in two sizes: 1 quart and 2 quarts that can lie sideways or stand upright in your refrigerator.

Durable and versatile

Durability and versatility are two features that make this product a good choice. Glass containers can be quite fragile. So, if you want something that is made with safe high-quality materials and is pocket friendly, you need to take Takeya Delux home. It is made from Tritan plastic which is proven safe to use, while nonslip silicon is used to make the handle for easy gripping and pouring.

Other Features

It makes a great container for traveling and for picnics. More so, it can safely take hot water. Most people, however, don’t find its mesh filter good enough. So, if you like your coffee to be the smoothest, you can use extra-large paper filters. Plus, the customer service is quite helpful and friendly.


It comes in two sizes 1 and 2 quarts. The 1-quart container is 9.5 inches in height, 6.1 across the handle and 4.1 across the base, while the 2 quart one is also the same but 12.2 inches tall.


Made in the USA, this device is a good fit for those who want a durable, affordable and versatile brewer. Its airtight feature makes it quite handy, making your coffee last longer




Our selection of the best cold brew coffee makers is sure to make your mind and make the buying process easier for you as it brings together products that have something unique to offer in terms of practicality and quality design.

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