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Are you still using old pop-up toaster?

If you have enough space in your kitchen, then it is not a bad idea to consider trading up for toaster ovens. They are certainly much more versatile appliances because of the numerous cooking functions. Undoubtedly, toaster ovens are surely the one kitchen appliance that you may not know how much to use until the day you end up using it every day.

There are so many items now, such as from toast to bagels to waffles and many more. Due to this reason, the toaster oven has become a necessity for the kitchen users. The benefits of using the best toaster ovens are in immense number.

Luckily, selecting the best toaster oven is all dependent on the personal preferences of the user. Most importantly, it is also quite simple. Are you having a shortage of space in the kitchen? You do not need to worry about this aspect as far the toaster ovens are concerned. Their size is not all an issue in the kitchen. You never know that toaster oven one day may become your favorite kitchen appliance because of its excellent features.

There is a large variety of the toaster ovens in the market, so we have finalized the list of best-rated toaster ovens for 2020.


Reviews of the Best Toaster Ovens for 2020

  1. Cuisinart Toaster Oven
  2. Panasonic Toaster Oven
  3. Black+Decker Toaster Oven
  4. Breville BOV845BSS
  5. Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

Here are the details related to Best Toaster Ovens for 2020


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1. Cuisinart Toaster Oven TOB-260N1


Cuisinart TOB-260N1 is certainly one of the great and best quality toaster oven which works well for bigger and heavy-duty jobs. With the help of this beast toaster oven, any user can cook a 13-inch pizza, roast a whole chicken or probably also toast up to 9 slices of bread at once. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 is quite valuable in performing numerous cooking jobs. This model proved vital in toasting bread more evenly as compared to other toaster ovens at this specific price level.



  •  Advanced heating and cooking technology
  •  Comes with a speed convection
  •  Offers large capacity
  •  Gives multiple cooking options
  •  Dual cook functionality


  •  Slightly complicated to operate


The model is currently having a warranty of three years. Likewise, Cuisinart also has one of the shortest preheating times as compared to other models that we test. Lastly, a two-speed convection fan is also installed in this model which makes it a better air-fryer also.





There are few brand names that are quite useful for providing satisfaction to customers. Panasonic is certainly one of them in the category of kitchen and home appliances. In recent times, Panasonic took a great initiative by introducing compact toaster oven NB-G110P in the market.



  •  Double infrared heating feature
  •  Comes with precision timer
  •  6 amazing auto cook menus
  •  Design: Glass door & oven light
  •  Stainless steel body
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  •  The toaster oven is certainly a little bit difficult to operate


Our team conducted the test of the compact toaster oven, and we were satisfied with its performance. The toaster oven is useful for toasting bread, frozen snacks and also baking cookies. Panasonic Toaster Oven was excellent in cooking food evenly, and it also did not produce any spots. The performance of the toaster oven was certainly better than the competitors who even cost more.
Therefore, this toaster oven is suitable for you if there is a requirement for using a toaster oven in preparing some of the frozen snacks. The volume or the size of this model is just one cubic foot which does not occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. Though it is enough for two slices of pizza or four bread pieces.



3. Black+Decker Toaster Oven


During the tests we conducted, it was found that Black+Decker toaster was excellent in its overall performance. It can probably get a top spot in our reheating test. The product has proved so right that it can quickly reheat a single serving of lasagna in just 15 minutes. It is somewhat true that you do not need to wait for very long on the table.



  •  Stainless steel housing
  •  30-Minute Timer: Precise toast setting & stay-on functionality
  •  The feature related to Convection technology is also there
  •  Removable Crumb Tray
  •  Comes with digital controls


  •  No automatic sliding tray


The range of the temperature associated with this toaster oven is 150° F to a maximum of 450° F. The three rack positions also exist with this toaster. The additional functions that matter a lot for this toaster are baking, boiling and broiling. Furthermore, the settings associated with bagels and pizza are also included.
The easy to use control systems with the buttons which are useful in providing precision control over temperature time and different functions are also there. The digital screen is a valuable feature for displaying information related to cooking in large sizes.





The first thing that matters for any toaster oven is an excellent functionality. In the case of Breville BOV845BSS, there are no issues in this regard whatsoever!



  •  Countertop compact design
  •  Non stick cavity coating
  •  1 year warranty
  •  LCD preset functions & Inbuilt fan


  •  Energy consumption: only works with 110V-120V
  •  Customer review: LED light stop working after a period of time


As it is vital for everyone that convection oven can reduce the cooking time by up to 30%. It is probably because of the built-in fan that circulates the hot air within the oven. The oven can also speed up the cooking process, and besides that, it can prevent getting your food with under-or overcooked spots.
With BOV845BSS, there is no difficulty for you at all to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, changing the temperature, setting cooking time, turning on inbuilt light and then finally turning convection fan on and off.
After going through the settings phase, then the users can witness an onboard large-font display which is going to show the complete information they need along with temperature, cooking preset and time.
Another most noteworthy aspect is that during the cooking process, it is necessary to keep an eye on the food with the help of a glass door. The inside light can make everything quite clear for you. There is absolutely no need for opening the door.
BOV845BSS also is quite modern and high-tech capabilities. These aspects can make this model an excellent pick for any particular kitchen. This is indeed a perfect choice for those people who need to have a convection oven with a straightforward design.

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5. Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven


Hamilton Beach 31401 Toaster Oven is quite affordable, has a small size and is also ideal for those people who need something quite simple and even in less budget.



  •  Prepare delicious meals and beverages effortlessly
  •  Roll-Top Door: Easy to access food
  •  Easy-to-Grip, Contoured Knobs.


  •  Customer review: Glass door may explode on inc temp from 450 degree


We conducted the test of this toaster oven; as it surely did the job better than as compared to other models in this tight budget range. The toaster oven is having an edge on many different models which are less than $100 price tag.
Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven is certainly having excellent performance. It heats evenly and also toasts up to 4 slices at once. The compact size makes it perfect for small kitchens that are also having limited space.




Buyer Guide for the Customers

Undoubtedly, purchasing the best toaster oven is certainly every kitchen’s need. However, there are indeed some of the useful checkpoints which you must check before buying any home appliance. You need to check these points because they certainly assist you in finalizing the right models based on your needs.

  • Size

A toaster oven is ideal for those mostly households that have small kitchens along with limited space. You must know toaster’s dimensions before purchasing. You also need to check the area in your kitchen. It is a vital exercise because it can assist you in selecting the model with the right size.

If you would select a huge model and also live in a small apartment, then all savings will be wasted. Though, if you have ample or regular space in the kitchen, then there is no need to worry a lot about the size of the toaster oven.

We did review several numbers of models but finalized only those that are most suitable for small kitchens.

  • Multiple numbers of Cooking Levels

Many countertop convection ovens provide users with the option of cooking several different things on an independent basis.

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It is crucial to think about the ways the user can efficiently utilize the best toaster oven. If any user makes use of different cooking levels rarely, then it would be better going for a simple toaster oven. The reason in this regard is because there is no need to spend more price on all these cooking functions.

  • Extras Accessories

You can get different kinds of accessories that vary from brand to brand.

There are a few numbers of toaster ovens that come with nothing in the box except for the fact that it has toaster oven itself. In contrast, there are other toasters offers that provide several accessories like trays, pans, and rack for attracting customers. This helps to make the life of the customer quite easier.

  • User-Friendly Model vs Technology

The purchasing of a toaster oven that is equipped with full of advanced technology along with all extra functions is quite good. However, it is necessary to check its user-friendliness. If it would not have easy to use options, then the user can certainly experience difficulty in operating these functions.

Furthermore, it is also crucial in checking its easy door access along with display size to know whether it is suitable for you or not.

The most noteworthy aspect is that you need to make a balance between a toaster oven advanced technology and also its user-friendliness feature for acquiring the best toaster oven for your kitchen.

  • Warranty

Typically, the duration of the warranty shows the reliability of the product that the user needs to purchase. In the case of the toaster oven, most models have a 1-year warranty.

Though, some brands can also extend their warranty from a period of 2 to 3 years to guarantee satisfaction to the customers.



In the present situation, there are two choices for the customer. In case of having a tight budget, then you can compromise on the model you would purchase. However, if you can invest a little more or a good, durable and long-term product. Hence, you should check the Best Toaster Oven 2020 list and go for the one which is best suited to you.
It seems like if you would spend more on the right electronic product, it can benefit you in the long-term. It indeed lasts for several years, but if you are buying a product by investing less budget, then it can only last for a few months or a year.
Therefore, our suggestion for you is to purchase a toaster oven that can fulfill your needs and give you quality foods for several years. With this reason, we have finalized the list of Best Toaster Ovens in 2020 with the complete buying guide. Hopefully, this review will work best in your favor.

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