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After a great knife set, the tool that is reached out most often in a kitchen is a cutting board. It gives you a smooth, solid surface to prep on while protecting your counters and plates from scratches. It also serves as good support while handling hot pans and pots.

The best chopping board may range in size from big enough to carve a chicken to small enough to cut coriander for garnish, can be found in material like plastic, wood or even glass. It can be three inches thick or barely a millimeter.

Each day at Best Home Things, our team tests hundreds of kitchen tools scientifically and in real-life situations. Just to find out the best of them to list down for our readers. Well, for this particular article, we rounded up 35 newest, bestselling, high rated, unique best cutting block. We narrowed our picks down to test 15 with the best variety of brands, sizes, shapes, styles, and materials.

In our testing, we used the Mercer Culinary knife to slice up fresh mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, and some turkey. Our focus was to evaluate whether the chopping board retained juices, how easy it is to clean after cutting a cheesy product, and how well they work with handheld hard and slippery ingredients.

As a result, we found:

Best Seller Cutting Board: 
Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Chopping Block

Value Cutting Board:
 HOMWE Kitchen Chopping Block

Bamboo Cutting Board: Organic Bamboo Chopping Block

Best Overall cutting board:  OXO Good Grips 2 piece Chopping Block Set

Flexible Cutting Board: Flexible Plastic Chopping Block

Which type of Cutting Board suits your Kitchen the Best?

In our testing procedure, we evaluated all our picks before they can make it to the list. As if to lay flat on the counter, giving a stable surface without any hassle. They all were easy to clean, knife friendly, and didn’t leave any stain or odor behind. However, you won’t find any glass chopping blocks in our list as we believe they are not knife friendly.

Better on Cutting Wood or Plastic?

If you plan to buy only one cutting board, go for plastic. Plastic cutting boards can be used for both vegetables and meat. Also, they are handier and easily washable. Whereas, wooden chopping boards are absorbent, harder to clean. Moreover, it is essential to sanitize both types of best cutting boards to keep them safe from bacteria.

Wood or Plastic? Best Cutting Board for Meat?

Plastic cutting boards are a better choice for meat cutting, as they collect the juice well. They are easily washable and don’t retain juices as a comparison to wooden ones. Plastic cutting boards are also dishwasher friendly and can be high heat sanitized. Some of our picks are made up of high-density poly (plastic) that makes them non-absorbent.

Detailed Best Mini Fridge Review

Let’s delve into the review of each model one by one:

1. Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board – Best Selling

“Gorilla Grip is changing everyday life with its high-quality product”


  •  Bright color: available in 25 different colors to match your kitchen interior.
  •  Safety: Dishwasher safe.
  •  Size: It comes in 3 different sizes to cater to chefs’ demand.
  •  Thickness: enhances the durability and strength of the board
  •  Deep furrows: to hold on juices so counter surface stays clean.
  •  Material: Non-porous so they won’t splinter, peel or crack.
  •  Reversible: Can be used from both sides.


  •  Material: Not recommended for hot food.

Gorilla Grip Original oversized chopping board takes place as #1 in our list and is ranked as the top seller on Amazon too. Why? Let’s dig deep into what features makes this product so demanding.

Brand professional has worked closely on the quality, making it an EQUAL design that gives a smooth and clean surface for users. This cutting block satisfies most needs, it is thick and large. All three pieces come with different sizes (small 11.8” x 8”). However, thicker and larger as a comparison to most of the chopping block.

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The product is dishwasher safe, which brings ease in the busy cooking routine. Plus, they are non-porous (unlike wood), so you don’t have to worry that it will crack, peel or splinter after few uses. Also, it needs no regular oil maintenance.

Gorilla Grip best chopping block comes in a variety of color range, make a choice that suits your kitchen interior. One of our tested features certifies that this cutting block does not harm or dull knives.
So, happy Chopping!


In conclusion, this product is a premium material. Highly recommended by our tester as the best chopping board, is thicker and larger. And also, contain deep grooves to catch all the juices keeping your countertop clean.


2. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set) – Best Value Cutting Board

“This HOMEWE cutting board is substantial, so you won’t feel like it’s slip-sliding around on your countertop.”                                                                                                                             


  •  Rubber feet: to give extra support and immovability.
  •  Built-in Groove: to hold on sticky or acidic juices from spilling on the surface.
  •  It comes with smooth handles for extra comfort.
  •  Gentle on cutlery and knives.


  •  Permanent Scratches: Cannot be used for heavy cuttings. (Customers Review)

There is a time when cutting mats feel too fragile and slippery as if you’re cutting directly on your counters. HOMEWE is diverse, thanks to its strong grip design, with non-slip handles and feet around handles to support it is considered as the best value for money cutting board.

Well, this reversible cutting board is designed with juice grooves to feature to keep your countertop safe while chopping that juicy tomato. It comes in a set of the 3-pieces multipurpose cutting board, built to support while preparing meals, easy cleaning and very efficient. Happy chopping, slicing, and dicing!

This cutting board is best for your daily food prep, it is crafted with a top-quality thick, heavy-duty plastic to last long. A non-porous, ultra-strong cutting surface is gentle on cutlery and knives. The smart pack of 3 pieces of the cutting board comes with different sizes, each design especially keeping in every need in the kitchen (a big chicken or a small lime).

To sum up, let’s dive into the color options HOMEWE offers. It comes in 3 neutral colors grayblack and brown. Washing a cutting board may not sound a big task for some until you are preparing a Thanksgiving dinner at your place. Good that the cutting board is dishwasher friendly.

However, this cutting board is not recommended for heavy cutting, as it gives an average performance. But this is something you will find in many other cutting boards, so this flaw is not a deal-breaker for us.


In conclusion, HOMEWE is ranked as #2 on the list of Amazon’s best cutting boards, with 4.7 stars this product wins the hearts of many customers. Almost 2903 ratings make it the best value cutting board among all.


3. OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Cutting Board Set – Best Overall Wood Chopping Board

“OXO cutting board smart groove and rubber grips on sides of the board catch liquids, and won’t let it slide to countertop”


  •  Ideal for soft chopping and pairing of vegetables and fruits.
  •  Dual side: one side is shallow while the other is a grove.
  •  Material: Nonporous makes it scratch resistant and odorless.
  •  Comfortable handle: soft rubber tapered edges.
  •  Rubber grips: holds board from slipping while use.


  •  Very pricey.
  •  Lower surface area for messy chopper.

If you have a smaller kitchen with limited space, we recommend buying “OXO Good Grips 10.5 inch x 14.5-inch cutting board”. This chopping board is simple yet great in tasks like slicing fruits for a smoothie or veggie for your soup. The OXO Good Grips is one of our favorite plastic cutting boards. It is designed with rubber feet to avoid slippage and offers easy cleaning.

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This cutting board impressive feature involves its juice groove that holds the liquid. But as a comparison to our best-seller it juice groove capacity does not hold the dripping for a full chicken but makes come in handy for everyday chopping of fruits and vegetables.

The cutting board feature involves a strong countertop grip, easy to carry as it is lightweight and small in size. The chopping board is dishwasher friendly but won’t fit easily until it’s placed at a certain angle. OXO Good Grips resist with stains and odors very smartly.

However, it can be bought 1 piece individually or in a set of 2 pieces (small and medium). The choice is yours! Our tester team that this cutting board is professional and much more presentable than other plastic boards in the market. Moreover, it is made with hard, slick material (polypropylene) but knife friendly.


In conclusion, this product is our favorite as many of us are using OXO Good Grips in our kitchen every day. It guarantees good performance. But it is not recommended for big families. With 4.5 stars and some amazing recommendations from customers, this cutting board takes place on our list as the best overall cutting board.


4. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove – Best Bamboo Chopping Board

“All three pieces are reversible, you can easily flip them over to avoid cross-contamination between ingredients”


  •  Warping and splintering resistant
  •  Natural bamboo: includes no chemical or BPA.
  •  Side handles: can be used as a trendy serving tray.
  •  Bundle of 3 great sizes at relatively affordable prices.
  •  Less absorbent: lower the chances of cross-contamination.


  •  Maintenance: Need oiling maintenance

The market is full of different types of the best wood cutting boards. You may find walnut, maple, cherry wood cutting boards. Bamboo wood is dense and good on keeping juice and water from dripping on the countertop. The cutting board is lightweight as a comparison to other wood chopping boards in the market.

People avoid buying a wood cutting board as people believe they are harder to clean and takes a lot of maintenance. But it’s not the same with Bamboo wood chopping block, its material allows to fully dry after wash, easy cleaning, and required oil maintenance only once a month.

This cutting board offers something for everyone. Extra-large size and side handles make it useful for both chopping meals and serving tray. It is made up of 100% natural Bamboo wood with antibacterial properties, absorbs less liquid.

The Money-back grantee offer shows the confidence in the product quality by the company. In our research, we found no customer that claim back there money yet. Hence, this wood cutting board is a reliable choice.


In conclusion, this wood cutting board is ranked on #5 in Amazon cutting board list. With 4.7 stars and a good 2955  customer rating to date. This wooden cutting board is an excellent choice for customers. And not to forget, its money-back guarantee secures your investment. However, this product needs oil maintenance monthly.


5. Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats set – Best Flexible Chopping Block

“Sometimes something seems too good to be true, but this foldable cutting board is an exception”


  •  Customers get a value pack of 3 at the lowest rate.
  •  Durable and flexible: can be fold and bent
  •  Easy to clean and sanitize – odorless
  •  It requires less storage place.
  •  Prevents cross-contamination as 3 of them are color-coded to be used for a specific job.


  •  Slippery surface: requires a wet towel on the bottom for stability.

As the name suggests, these chopping board mats are really flexible. It makes transport of chopped items easy, all you have to do is lift and fold up the edges to create a useful handy funnel to drop the food in bowl or pan directly.

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The flexible cutting board mat comes in a set of three bright colors, simple yet perfect for everyday usage.  Moreover, as a comparison to other thin plastic cutting boards mats, this is sturdy. Grip marks prevent the chopping block from sliding around on countertop while chopping or slicing. These mats are thin enough to fit your cabinets and drawer easily.

The plastic material of this cutting board mat is both non-porous and non-absorbent. Also, the flexible chopping block mats are handy in cleaning, you can simply toss in dishwasher or clean by hot water and soup.

This budget-friendly, flexible cutting mats come in attractive colors and helps you prevent cross-contamination too. If you have dietary restrictions – this set of color-coded cutting board mats sets should be your ultimate choice. Each one is labeled with a different food icon, yellow for chicken, while green for vegetables.

As per our customer reviews, this product may slip a little on your counter as a backup we recommended using a towel.


To sum up, these flexible cutting board mats will add bright colors to your kitchen. On the other hand, its folding funnel feature is unique as a comparison too other boards in our list.  This product has won many hearts and ranked as #3 in amazon’s best cutting boards with 4.5 stars.  Happy chopping!


Other Things to Remember

Before you purchase a cutting board for your kitchen. There are things you should consider looking into, such as the size of the cutting board you want. Whether you want to buy plastic or wooden, your need require one single piece or a set of cutting board.

However, some best cutting boards come with a unique feature that makes the whole experience easier and user friendly.

For instance,

Plastic models come with a folding feature that helps you drop your chops in a bowl and pan easily. Moreover, other models have raised pyramid points that puncture meat to give secure handling.

Before making a choice, go through every feature closely. Juice trench around the board perimeter, which should be deep and wide enough to catch the juice without draining it on your countertop. However, some models offer a reversible cutting board to prevent cross-contamination and others don’t.

Above all, the grip is also an important feature to look up to, some model may slip while using. Further, we suggest simply use a wet towel under the board to make it work well. Keeping all this in mind, we have picked some of the Best cutting boards in 2020 for you. We have include plastic cutting boards, bamboo wood boards cutting mats and more.

To Sum it up, they all are worth your money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should I clean my Chopping Block?

A. Simply rinse your board every time right after you use it. Also later, clean it with anti-bacterial properties for a deeper clean.

Q2. Suggestion for a smelly Chopping Block?

A. We suggest using white vinegar, as it works well. Simply, put vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz your board when you notice odors. Vinegar not only neutralizes terrible smells, but it also helps to disinfect the board naturally.

Q3.Can a Chopping Board be used as a serving tray?

A. Yes, chopping blocks also work as an excellent serving tray. If you own a wooden design cutting board using it to serve steak is classy.

Q4. How can I get rid of the stains from my Chopping Block?

A.Suggestion: Take a cloth, and clean your chopping block with peroxide. Simply dab on the stain, it will gently clean it but it is not a quick stain removal.

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