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This article is dedicated especially to all the bakers out there!

Well, we understand how your strong stand mixer is best for heavy-duty mixing. But what about those lighter tasks as mixing the dough, mashing potatoes, or stiffing meringues? This is where a hand mixer will come in handy.

With a hand mixer, you will rarely face any issue with space, they are compact in size and lightweight. It can easily fit in any of your kitchen cabinets. So, now all you have to do is plan out on your budget and list out the features that you want in a hand mixer.

While we have listed down some of the best hand mixer 2020. Models include a wide range of prices, some are expensive well, and some are pocket friendly. They all come with different features, so look closely and pick that suits your needs the best.

Also, don’t forget to look at the warranty policy as it should be a one-time investment.

Our Testing Procedure:

We have spent a good amount of weeks testing all top-rated hand mixer. And as a team of experienced testers, we consider to look up to all important features before listing down Top 5 hand mixer, from its speed control system to its size and price. We’ve outlined all the takeaways in our article, too make the choice simple for our readers.

To help you choose the best mixer, we have noted down a complete hand mixer buying guide.

Hand Mixer Weight:

All hand mixers come in a compact size (we all know this, right?) but still they may differ in weight. Some are more lightweight as a comparison. Buying a lightweight hand mixer will help you from hand fatigue while mixing and whipping. However, some hand mixer lightweight works as a con and they are harder to control. So, pick up one from our list as we have tested their weight.

Range of Speed:

Hand mixer three, seven and even 10-speed control system depending on your need. You can easily adjust the speed while mixing. Now you can find many models with up to 250 watts high power motor that works great for mixing thick ingredients. While when you mixing dry ingredients, a mixer that starts slow and then offers optimal speed control is best to prevent messes and splatters.


You don’t have to worry about waking up your family on a Sunday morning while mixing stiff batter to prepare soft waffles. These hand mixers are specially designed to stay as quiet as possible. However, some models are louder than others. But as a comparison to your stand mixer, they come with powerful motors yet quiet.


You can grab a hand mixer between the range of $20 to all the way up to $150. It all depends on the features and quality of the hand mixer. If you own a stand mixer and want to purchase a hand mixer from a small task. Spending a 50$ is the smart idea. Moreover, find a mixer that comes with a warranty to cover all damages.

Easy Cleaning:

Hand mixers are easier to clean. Some come with quick-release mechanisms of beaters than others. However, many models are dishwasher friendly. Moreover, We have shortlisted mixers that have simple attachments for both mixing and cleaning.

Our Top Picks:

Multi-Tasker Hand Mixer: KitchenAid KHM614CU 6 Speed Hand Mixer, Contour Silver

Budget-Friendly Hand Mixer: BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer

The Powerful Hand Mixer: VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater

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Best Overall Hand Mixer: Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Most Quiet Hand Mixer: Hamilton Beach Professional 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer 

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Let’s look closely into the review of each model one by one

1. Best Multi Tasker: KitchenAid KHM614CU 6 Speed Hand Mixer, Contour Silver

“A blending rod that can also be used as an immersion blender.”


  •  Material: Stainless steel accessories come with 2 optional beater.
  •  Available in different colors to match with kitchen interior.
  •  Release button: one push ejector easily removes material from the beater.
  •  5 speed level of speed variance feature.
  •  Includes four accessories: beaters, dough hooks, a blending rod, and also a whisk


  •  Complicated speed control function for beginners.

So, if you have pinned down your needs, and are very clear that you’re looking for a hand mixer that does more than mixing. Than this multi-tasker hand mixer on our list has few extra features than an average hand mixer. It comes with 6 speeds, from steady slow for stirring ingredients to up to high speed for whipping cream or making fluffy meringue.

As a test: We took a bowl full of cream to whip at high speed, and to our surprise, it took a soft start. The mixer builds up the speed slowly and no ingredients fling out of the bowl. This best hand mixer is quiet yet powerful, with DC motor that gives great control over speed.

Leaving the speed feature behind let’s dig deep what more it offers. Well, this stainless steel hand mixer, dense heavy ingredients with ease. Keeping the cord lock into place, on right or left as per preference. The main idea is to keep it aside so it doesn’t create any disturbance.

KitchenAid comes in a variety of colors, to brighten up your kitchen. You can also choose a color that best suits your kitchen interior. As an add-on accessory, it comes with a storage bag, so you can keep all the parts together neatly.


In conclusion, KitchenAid is ranked as one of the best-rated hand mixers on Amazon. This product is loved by the customer all over the world and has the most rating. Getting this hand mixer home will not be a disappointment.


2. Best on Budget: BLACK+DECKER Lightweight Hand Mixer

 “It has a nylon helix and ergonomic beaters that offers twice the surface area “


  •  Helix beaters are designed to maximize beater overlap for faster mixing,
  •  250-watt motor features five speeds and “turbo boost”.
  •  Available in eight colors, each with chrome accents.
  •  Smart one-touch power boost button.


  •  Sound: usually loud.

Now if you are here on a budget and don’t want to go beyond it. Then out of all the best hand mixers, this one suits you the best. It comes with plenty of features in pocket-friendly prices.

Black+ Decker hand mixer has a nylon helix and ergonomic beaters that offers twice the surface area as a comparison than your typical wire beater. It is handy to use as it is lightweight, so no more tiring hands. With a five-speed option, you can easily start slow and work your way up to higher speed for beating and whipping.

Hand mixer has a power boost button that increases the power until you release it. So you can power through lumps and then continue mixing at the original speed. Adding ease to your baking this hand mixer is dishwasher friendly.

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The appliance comes with accessories, you will get 2x more beaters, one wire whisk, two dough hook and a storage case to keep it safe. And all this at a very reasonable price. The hand mixer is available in a wide range of colors, including lime green, purple, tangerine, red, gray, black, teal and white. It’s time you add color to your kitchen.


In conclusion, the product gives premium performance. It is also recommended for mixing thick ingredients. Well deserved, #4 position on the best hand mixer on Amazon. This hand mixer is a good choice that fills the bill.


3. Best Powerful Mixer: VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk with Chrome Beater

“At 250 watts, this hand mixer blows out all its competition”


  •  Powerful motor and turbo.
  •  Lightweight & user friendly.
  •  Powerful motor yet less noisy.
  •  It doesn’t splatter your mixture, you can enjoy using it without getting a mess.


  •  Quiet slow: need to be turned off again and again (Customer review)

At 250W motor and turbo setting this hand, the mixer is recognized as a powerful hand mixer in the market. With its speed, this hand mixer blows out all its competition. It has a unique “SmartMix” technology, which basically means the motor is vertically aligned for smart weight distribution. Along, with a soft, slip-resistant handle for a comfortable grip.

Stylish and sleek vibrant red and silver design. The Vonshef comes is a compact and lightweight design, that is easy to carry. In addition, all of the accessories included with the hand mixer are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean, leaving you more time to bake and less time scrubbing.

This stainless steel hand mixer comes with a pack of accessories, 2x Dough Hooks, 2x Beaters and also a Balloon Whisk. The product comes with durable stainless steel dough hooks to mix heavy cake mixture easier. Perfect for whisking egg whites, light cakes batters.


In conclusion, this product is very powerful among all. Rated as top #3 on Amazon this product is worth the price. Its controls are convenient to use. It’s also easy to clean and quieter than many of the hand mixers we test.


4. Best Overall: Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

“A modern blend of design aesthetic and functionality Cuisinart Hand mixer is an ideal choice”


  •  More Powerful motor than other hand mixers.
  •  Speed control: 7-speed control options. (3 to low).
  •  Glass storage box to store accessories in one place.
  •  Latch release option to avoid spilling batter.
  •  Easy to clean.


  •  Pickup is slow instead of a high volt motor.

Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer is an overall performer. It includes most of the features you need, plus several extras. This hand mixer comes with a clip-on case to hold all the ingredients together for better storage.

In addition, it has a powerful motor that can be operated with a simple on/off switch. With a simple one-touch speed control system you get an option to select one of the seven-speed.

The appliance comes with accessories which involve one whisk, two dough hooks, an extra-long beater, and a spatula. They are giving a recipe book along with the hand mixer to enhance your cooking experience. And this is not all, it comes with clip-on case storage that can tuck the cord too.

The product built is a North American electrical standard. It comes with smart technology and is designed closely keeping in mind the problems faced y the customers. In our testing procedure, one feature that impressed us was its latch. You can use control of the beater with a latch rather than a button, so this prevents all the chances of accidents.

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Whereas, some of the reviews said this mixer has a slow-start function. And as a comparison to other products with the same features, we found this product louder. Still, it’s slower than a full-power start.

Some other features worth mentioning: This mixer comes with an extra-long swivel cord that can be adjusted right or land as per your comfort and dishwasher friendly beaters. You may up to five versatile color options in Cuisinart HM-70 Power hand mixer.


In conclusion, this product works as an overall best hand mixer. It is simple but sturdy, it will mix your meringue and batter quickly. However, it is louder and awkward to handle as a comparison. But overall buying this product is a good deal.


5. Best Quiet Hand Mixer: Hamilton Beach Professional 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

“Hamilton comes with Soft Scrape rubberized beaters, so no more irritating clanging against the bowl.”


  •  Sound: Quiet hand mixer.
  •  Comes with complete mixing guide.
  •  Performance: Easy to mix ingredients
  •  Moderate start to avoid splattering.
  •  Comes with Storage pouch.
  •  Pricing: Expensive among all listed


  •  Less powerful motor.

Hamilton Beach Professional 7 Speed Hand Mixer has great performance, whether you want a fluffy meringue or a hot sauce pizza dough. With this hand mixer, you can effortlessly mix ingredients effortlessly.

This appliance is lightweight and powerful. The hand mixer has up to 7 speed, but it prevents flying flour and splatter dough by starting gently and slowly increasing speed. With a simple push to the Quick Burst button gives an extra boost of power. The control of the speed will always be in your hand.

Hamilton comes with a Snap-On storage case to keep the mixer safe. A lockable swivel cord, whisk soft scrape beaters and dough hooks. Its Snap-On case helps keep all accessories organized. This stainless steel professional hand mixer DC motor for faster, effortless mixing. The motor is light and ergonomic design.

The company does not offer a wide range of color collection. However, you can find the hand mixer in three classy color options (matte black, shiny silver, descent white). Stainless steel attachments are dishwasher friendly.


In conclusion, Hamilton is loved by the customers for its heavy mixing feature staying quiet. This hand mixer is a big fan of mothers, as it helps them mix and whip without waking their little kids. However, some customers complain about its beaters setting (they find it not so tightly fixed). Still, this hand mixer is a good deal to grab!



In conclusion, this hand mixer is, however, is suitable for a small task and is recommended to occasional baking. If you a professional baker with high volume daily baking needs, we would recommend you use a stand mixer instead. All the hand mixer models are tested and suits your kitchen needs the best. We always try our best to cover a variety of models to prosper the need of every reader. Still buying a hand mixer solely depends on the buyer’s preference. The importance of each aspect is also your choice. Knowing what to look for in a hand mixer allows you to save time, money, and effort.

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