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Choosing the best mattress for back pain may come with a lot of hassle. A continuous drive to the retailer from one shop to another may come critical to your health and wellbeing. Sit back! We bring down everything you are looking for here. A complete guide, prices, features, comparison ratings and more. Just so you can may the perfect choice.

We understand how with so many different options in the market – making a choice which one you should buy is confusing.  But as the mattress industry has been disrupted for the last few years with selling mattresses directly on the internet.  This made it more accessible.

While having an abundance of back pain mattress options could help you achieve your health and sleep goals – it’s also overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down what we believe to be the best mattresses designed for back pain and aches – we’re confident you’ll find something that gives you the level of support you’re looking for.

To help you choose the best mattress for your back pain, we have noted down some tips for you.

Tip #1. Remember there is no ”Perfect Mattress” for your back painBuying expensive mattresses won’t help you with your back pain. The best mattress for you is the one that is most comfortable while sleeping. You may for sure have heard that a firm mattress can be the best choice for back pain – and firm mattress support your spine. But maybe you don’t know this, if you purchase a mattress that is way to firm, it may come with the cost of your comfort. You should look for a mattress that keeps your spine aligned and conforms to your spine natural curves when you lay down to sleep.

Tip #2. Best time to make a purchase: According to the National sleep foundation, the best time to make a purchase of a new mattress is March or April. Moreover, all the holiday weekends as President Day, Memorial Day, etc. These are the time of year when you can grab a great deal and save a lot of money than normal days.

Tip #3. Buy online: You have probably watched once over the social media the unboxing of a mattress. Online retailers such as Amazon, shipping is smarter. You will receive the mattress in a compact box. Moreover, online prices are competitive.  

Tip#4. Consider your bed’s height: Mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses, so before you consider buying remember the new mattress will change your bed height. You can easily determine if your bed is the best height by simply sitting on the edge. If you can touch your feet flat on the floor, your knees are in a line with hips, your bed height is perfect. But in case you cannot reach the floor, your bed is high. Moreover, if your knees are above hips, it is too low.

Tip#5. Don’t purchase without guarantee: Look for a company that gives a return back guarantee with their mattress. As you cannot go replacing your mattress after every few months. The range of the return policy differs. Some give 3 days while others offer 10 years. Make a smart choice.

Our Top Pick:

Best Seller: LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Overall Mattress: TUFT & NEEDLE Twin Mattress

Most Affordable Mattress: Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory foam

Best Foam Mattress: Sweetnight 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best New ReleaseAshley Furniture Signature Design

Detailed Review of Best Mattress for Back Pain

Let’s look closely into the review of each model one by one

1. Best Seller: LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

“Comfort shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.”


  •  Pressure Relieving Memory foam.
  •  Infused with Cooling Gel.
  •  Long Mattress Life.
  •  CertiPUR US certified for quality standards.
  •  Reduce aches and pains while you sleep.


  •  Customer Review: Not so strong Cooling effects

Its time you sink into a quality sleep and add a comfort layer to your mattress with LINENSPA Gel Memory Mattress Topper. This mattress topper is ranked as the best seller, as it has impressed many customers. Mattress topper is designed to relieve pressure points by dividing your weight; you will experience differences instantly with days.

Foam is CertiPur US certified for its quality standards. It is manufactured without using any harmful chemicals. LINENSPA Mattress Topper is designed in a fun and contemporary manner that brings a relaxed look. While it’s ventilated design increases airflow and regulates sleep temperature.

Plush memory foam surface revitalizes your existing mattress and prevents long term wear and tear on your mattress. Moreover, the mattress topper works as the best mattress for back pain and is available in California king, King, Queen, Full XL, Full Twin XL, and Twin sizes. The price of the mattress topper varies with the sizes you choose.

This Mattress topper prevents overheating, giving comfort around hot summers. Along with it, adapt to your body curves to reduce aches and while you sleep. LINENSPA stands behind its product, giving a 3 years return policy so you can have a peaceful sleep for years.

Must Add Features:

This product is made of 100% Polyester memory foam gel beads.

In light of customer review:

As we researched the customer review, we found some verified purchases, saying this product is better in performance than expected, meanwhile, others are disappointed with its cooling feature.


In Conclusion, this LINENSPA gel-infused topper is a very comfortable purchase. All you need to is follow the instructions. Leave the topper for at least 24 hrs. To allow the topper to inflate itself. Once the topper is expanded, it will definitely make a difference.


2. Best Overall Mattress: TUFT & NEEDLE Twin Mattress

“Endorsed by my over a million sleepers every night.”


  •  Supportive and helps relieve pressure.
  •  Passed 100-night sleep trial.
  •  Honest 10 years limited warranty.
  •  Greenguard Gold and Certi PUR certified.


  •  72 hours for the mattress to fully expand.
  •  35% Micro-polyamide / 65% Polyester.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is not a memory foam as our first pick, it doesn’t hug every contour. But, this mattress is perfect for people looking for a foamy mattress. This is best suitable for people who weigh under 200 pounds and don’t sleep in one particular position for comfort.

Tuft & Needle mattress is on the softer end of the medium-firm spectrum and provides a loose cradle. This product is a good value for money and comes with a long 10 years limited warranty (you can actually use). Moreover, it is certified by Greenguard gold and CertiPUR. Which proves their products are of a high standard and are free from harmful material.

The T&N mattress is made in the USA with a 35% Micro-polyamide / 65% Polyester. It is bouncy yet offer excellent support for all type of sleeping positions. No complaint is recorded by customers that shipping affected the quality of the mattress.

Must Add Feature

This mattress with simple two-foam construction lacks a transition layer. So, if you or your partner weigh more than 200 pounds, you might sink slowly into the firm bottom layer. If that’s the case for you, we suggest you purchase other models.

In light of customer review:

As we dig deep in the customer review, we found some verified purchases, saying this product helped them with their lower back problem and is a good purchase for the money. Meanwhile, others don’t find it too comfortable as they claim.


In Conclusion, this Tuft & Needle mattress is very comfy and soft. All you need to is follow the instructions. Leave the topper for at least 72 hrs. To allow the topper to inflate itself. Once the topper is expanded, it will definitely make a difference.


3. Most affordable Mattress: Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory foam


  •  Cool, comfortable gel-infused mattress.
  •  Certi PUR US Certified foam.
  •  Memory foam with natural green tea.
  •  Charcoal helps absorb moisture, eliminate odor.
  •  10-year long warranty.


  •  It takes almost 72 hours to fully expand.

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory is a comfortable foam mattress made up of Knitted Jacquard fabric. It offers a better night’s sleep. The mattress works excellent to relieve body pressure and support by conforming to the natural shape of the body.

Zinus is an all-natural eco-friendly memory foam that uses green tea and active charcoal. So, the mattress absorbs all the moisture, eliminates sweating odors keeping it fresh.

Zinus mattress is designed in long-lasting foam layers: 1-inch gel memory foam + 1-inch high-density foam + 4-inch high-density foam. The company offers smart shipping. Unlike other mattresses, this one can efficiently compress and can be rolled in a box.

Must Add Feature:

This mattress comes with a long 10 years warranty along with good customer service. It is a good value for money and comes with an amount of cushioning to support people with joint pain.

In light of customer review:

As we look into the customer reviews, we found some verified purchases, saying this product is best for back pain and cool is a long term investment. Meanwhile, others find it too hard as a mattress.


In Conclusion, this Zinus Gel-Infused mattress is very soft. The best feature is its charcoal and green tea that extracts all the odor out. This mattress will typically take 48 hrs to expand. However, it may take longer than that in some cases (cold weather)


4. Best Foam Mattress: Sweetnight 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

“This mattress has three thick layers of foam for ideal comfort.”


  •  12” thick foam mattress.
  •  Certi PUR US Certified foam.
  •  5% Rayon/30% Viscose/65% Polyester.
  •  Comfortable.
  •  Charcoal helps absorb moisture, eliminate odor.
  •  10-year long warranty.


  •  It takes almost 72 hours to fully expand.

Facing trouble sleeping because of that back pain? This excellent quality foam mattress is here to set you free from that back pain.

Sweetnight as the name of the mattress suggests gives comfortable sleep with a sweet night and a sweeter morning. Made up of 65% polyester, gel memory, 12’ foam provides cradling support. This product is designed to pull out all heat from your body, leaving no bad odor behind. Amazed How? Well, the mattress has breathable foam with millions of cells that act as airway chambers.

As a comparison, it is more affordable than others. This 12-inch memory foam mattress is CertiPUR US certified comes with perfect spinal alignment for the back.  With over 10,000 positive user experience recorded this mattress has won the hearts of many.

The mattress is designed with three layers of foam to give ideal comfort. Every layer works differently. The top layer is made up of gel memory that controls the temperature so you can have a cool sleep throughout. In addition, the top layer also works as a cradling the contours of your body.

In light of customer review:

As we delve into all customer reviews one by one. We found some verified purchase, saying this mattress comes in impressive packing, very comfortable. Meanwhile, others find uncomfortable and don’t prefer it for heavy people.


In Conclusion, this Sweetnight mattress is a soft three-layer gel memory foam. The best feature is its temperature regulation system. This mattress takes long 72 hrs to expand. Almost 82% on Amazon voted this product as a good purchase. Well, this product is highly recommended.


5. Best New Release: Ashley Furniture Signature Design

“Compatible with all bases and bed frames”


  •  12” thick foam mattress.
  •  Certi PUR US Certified foam.
  •  5% Rayon/30% Viscose/65% Polyester.
  •  Comfortable.
  •  Charcoal helps absorb moisture, eliminate odor.
  •  10-year long warranty.


  •  It takes almost 72 hours to fully expand.

People who struggle with back pain every night and are fed up with rolling around flat foam mattresses will appreciate our last pick Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 8 Inch – Firm Mattress.

This mattress is a traditional coil mattress that contours your body with a classic feel. It is a high-density quilt mattress foam and pad that provide a firm feel that you will definitely fall in love.

Ashley Furniture uses hypoallergenic material in their mattress, which is, however, ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Giving them undisturbed sleep with a peaceful mind.

This mattress will make it to your doorstep in a compact box, giving you ease for quick setup. Moreover, unlike our other picks, this product takes no time to expand. All you have to do is remove the plastic and unroll.

Besides, this mattress foam does not require much maintenance and care. However, we recommend using to cover the mattress with a thin protector to prevent accidental spills.

Must Add Features:

This mattress is made of Body: Acrylic (11 %) Filament Poly (11 %) Para-Aramid Fiber (5 %) Polyester (20 %) Viscose (53 %). Also, it is designed to be no flip – this is a relief!

Things to remember:

do not use any type of cleaning fluid on the mattress foam. These chemicals will, however, affect the comfort and material. For cleaning use vacuum instead. Also, to remove a stain using cold water with mild soap and let the mattress dry.


In Conclusion, this Ashley- Sleep mattress is a very comfortable purchase. It does not take hours to expand. It is recommended don’t let your kids jump hard on the foam as this may affect the inner material and construction. This mattress is a must-buy!




Frequently Asked Question

We understand how some questions don’t leave your mind until answered currently. So here we have pinned down some FAQs. Hope they are helpful.

What material type is best considered for a mattress?

This is a pretty difficult task for the user to choose a mattress which possesses all type of quality to meet the need. The material and designs of the mattress play a momentous part in the enactment of the mattress. The contouring, firmness, temperature regulation, spring and motion isolation of a mattress varies from each type of mattress.

How do we analyze the right firmness of the mattress?

We cannot ignore the role of firmness in choosing the right mattress. The correct level of firmness can play a huge role in whether the mattress offers sufficient required support, and that can be determined by a person’s physique heaviness, tallness, and sleeping position. It’s mainly a matter of personal choice and preference.

What is the best type of mattress that will suit people with back pain?

All-foam or Latex mattresses are the perfect choices for people who suffer from back pain, as they have the capacity to dismiss pressure and curve closer to the back.

What brand do doctors recommend when it comes to buying a mattress?

Well, they suggest that every mattress must have the tendency to release pain, as long as the customer finds it comfortable. However, experts recommend when it comes to choosing mattress one should always choose medium-firm mattresses as they have the ability to alleviate pain.

Does back pain is caused by sleeping position?

Sleeping position is directly linked with back pain as also every position generates a unique set of pressure points that is why choosing the correct mattress that goes with your sleeping position is an essential part of preventing or reducing backache.

The majority of the consumers assume that only standing and sitting posture is important while they don’t consider sleeping posture plays a vital role when it comes to back pain.

How to analyze if your mattress is causing you back pain?

The simplest way to analyze the cause of pain is, however, to observe if the pain is noticeable in the morning when you wake up and subsides during the day. Definitely it’s high time to change the mattress and get a new one that suits your sleeping posture and physique.


In conclusion, Dealing with continuous back pain can turn your evening into a nightmare. Luckily, changing your mattress can help move you in the right direction. Give you relief from pain towards a better night of sleep.
Remember, we don’t believe there is one mattress that stands above the rest when it comes to back soreness relief. However, it all depends on finding that one perfect mattress that fits your personal preferences (including budget), material, and unique pain issues.
Above all, we hope this guide turns out helpful to you. Moreover, if you have any questions, our comment box is open for our readers.

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