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An electric lawn mower is a feasible alternative to a gas lawn mower for numerous reasons.

So, if you have a small space or struggling with gasoline and oil storage, one of these best electric lawn mowers is an ideal choice for you. As a comparison, the electric lawn mowers are lighter in weight and more comfortable to operate.

One huge advantage is they require minimum energy. So choose between either you push the lawn mower, or it pushes itself. Moreover, unlike gas-powered counterparts, they are easier to transport.

Firstly, with these electric lawn mowers, you don’t have to deal with a long cord, the gas that needs to be changed frequently, or the engine that is reluctant to turn over.

Secondly, these electric lawn mowers are lightweight, easy to start and saves your money on gasoline. If you have a big lawn or small one like me, these electric lawn mowers suit perfectly for both.

And most importantly, these lawn mowers, unlike gasoline mower, do not pollute the environment with loud noise and smoke.

However, we have listed down both types of lawn mower. Firstly, that operates with a battery, and secondly, the corded design.

Corded Design Lawn Mower:

These best corded electric lawn mowers are suitable for the smaller lawn. Because if you own a big beautiful yard, you will probably need an extension cord to run the mower.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower:

These best cordless electric mower or battery mower are a bit more versatile. However, every model varies in battery life. So, if you own a big yard, keeping an extra charged battery will be handy.

Gasoline Lawn Mower VS Electric Lawn Mower:

Both types of lawn mowers work well on the primary task it’s made for, cutting down grass. But, both types hold some advantages and disadvantages.

Gasoline Lawn Mower:


  • More Powerful & Durable
  • Extended run time (no charging battery hassle)


  • Create noise & air pollution
  • Expensive (need heavy maintenance)

Electric Lawn Mower:


  • Less effort required to run & are lightweight
  • Environmental Friendly
  • No regular maintenance


  • High Initial Cost
  • Limited Runtime (both corded & battery mower)

To Sum Up, before making a choice consider the level of maintenance, environmental impact, and cost. Most importantly, the size of your lawn.


So, with all these essential knowledge, let’s move forward to the list of the best electric lawn mower. That we have shortlisted based on numerous factors. Including power, features, battery life, versatility, and overall performance. All these electric mowers are available at a wide range of prices. However, we are sure you will find something that fits your budget and needs.

Our Top Pick:

Our Best Pick Electric Lawn Mower: Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

An Editorial Choice Electric Lawn Mower: Snapper Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Most Affordable Electric Lawn Mower: Sun Joe Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: EGO Power+ Cordless Behind Lawn Mower

Most Innovative Design Electric Lawn Mower: BLACK+DECKER cordless 3-in-1 Mower

Detailed Review of Best Electric Lawn Mower 2020

Let’s look closely into the review of each model one by one

1. Top Pick: Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

“Lower on noise & lower on price. But, higher on Run time.”


  •  7 option of choosing a height level of the grass.
  •  Fold-able handles easy to store.
  •  No hassle of battery charging, just plug and go.
  •  Storage Bag.
  •  Easy to assemble.
  •  4-year manufacturer warranty.
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  •  Limited reach due to cord.

 Not every electric lawn mower is expensive, Greenworks corded lawn mower is a good example of that. This lawn mower comes on a pocket-friendly price, yet still, have plenty of features. And is an impressive performer.

This electric mower is a 20-inch steel deck that offers long-lasting durability. It comes with a 12 amp, 120-volt motor that is sufficiently powerful enough for easy cutting.

Greenwork electric lawn mower includes 3-in-1 side discharge, mulching, and a rear bag functions. Moreover, it offers a seven-position height adjustment handle. That allows you to cut heights between 1.5 to 3.75 inches. With a simple push-on button you can have easy mowing operation.

However, its folding handles are very impressive, it gives convenient transportation and storage. You won’t believe it, but this electric mower weighs only 56 pounds, so it’s quite easy to push. Require minimum energy.

A Must Add Feature:

This electric lawn mower is a modest design that is suitable for owners with small lawns. Keeping your investment save, this lawn mower comes with a limited 4-year warranty.


In Conclusion, this Greenwork electric lawn mower is worth for money. With a 4.4 stars rating, this lawn mower is a choice that you won’t regret. As we dig into the customer reviews, we came through 78% of buyers that say, it lightweight yet powerful enough. However, the other 22% of buyers say it is not suitable for large lawns with wide blade grass.

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

as of June 8, 2024 4:19 am

2. Editorial Choice: Snapper Propelled Lawn Mower

“A gift for small yard owner, Easy assemble, compact size cordless lawn mower”


  •  Efficient load sensing technology.
  •  Grass dumping bag attached.
  •  It requires less maintenance.
  •  2-year warranty.
  •  It comes with 2 lithium chargeable batteries with up to 90 minutes running time.


  •  Small storage bag.
  •  Accessories are not easily available .i.e. blade (Customer reviews)

To all the small yard owners, we have a piece of good news for you. You don’t have to spend a couple of dollars now monthly on a large gasoline lawn mower.

We bring you Snapper Electric cordless lawn mower that is an ideal choice if you have a typical ¼ acre yard. So, instead of purchasing a huge gasoline mower go for a compact size yet powerful cordless walk behind a push mower.

This machine is the self-propelled transmission with a variable speed option. This 21 inches small size lawn mower has a good run time of 45-50 minutes. It takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery, keeping an extra charged battery is a smart step.

Snapper cordless mower offers a one push button. Moreover, as our first pick, it offers almost 7 height position adjustment options for cutting.

This smart and efficient machine can load sensing technology to adjust the power to meet the demands of cutting blades. However, this mower is a lightweight design that cuts well the same as a gas mower. But, is tremendously quiet.

A Must Add Feature:

Snapper is one of the best electric lawn mowers. Which comes with a 21 inches steel mowing deck. This machine is a three in one design that comes with a bag for discharge clipped grass easily. All these features make this model one of the best electric lawn mower.


In Conclusion, this Snapper cordless electric lawn mower is an excellent choice for small yard owners. With a 4.2 stars rating, this lawn mower is an excellent choice.

As we dig into the customer reviews, we came through 65% of buyers that say, it is a very quiet and convenient model. However, the other 35% of the buyers are not happy with the battery performance of the machine.

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Sun Joe AJ801E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Dethatcher and Scarifier w/Removeable 8-Gallon Collection Bag, 5-Position Height Adjustment, Airboost Technology Increases Lawn Health, 13 inch, Green

as of June 8, 2024 4:19 am

3. Most Affordable: Sun Joe Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher

“This is your Go-To Tool to Get Your Lawn in a Tip-Top Shape”


  •  Powerful 12-amp motor.
  •  Detachable disposal bag.
  •  Adjustable handle.
  •  Upgraded air boost technology.


  •  Motor is not long lasting. (Customer reviews)
  •  Complicated terms and condition of warranty.

At an affordable price, you can purchase an electric mowing machine. That won’t cost you the extra expense of oil, gas, or spark plugs. Moreover, it does not require regular maintenance.

As a comparison to other electric mowers on our list, this is the most affordable machine. It is easy to operate; all you do is plug it in and let it get charge. Remember, unlike others, it is not designed with a removable battery. So you plug the mower machine itself to replenish its power.

Son Joe comes with a robust powered 12-amp motor that cut down a 12-inch path in a single go. However, you can adjust the deck as it comes with a customization system with 5 positions.

If you have a yard that has thicker and healthy grass, San Joe’s scarified function will be really helpful. But, with all these amazing features, the only head-scratching drawback is battery life. For long battery life, you have to store it in a controlled climate. However, which is not possible in every garage. So, remember, its battery may not last for a long time.

The machine comes with a detachable thatch bag for easy and disposal. This electric mower is a great purchase as it is easy to start, lightweight, and is a quiet performer.

Flaw but not a Deal breaker:

To work with this mower, you have to be fast. Since it has a run time of 25 minutes only. However, the specific mowing conditions can make a difference in the battery run time. Moreover, this electric lawn mower takes around 4-hour to recharge.

To sum up, these limitations may vary with the conditions. However, this model is one of the best electric lawn mower.


In Conclusion, this Son Joe electric lawn mower is a popular choice for people. With a 4.2 stars rating, this lawn mower is a good purchase for a small lawn or quick everyday lawn touch-ups.

As we dig into the customer reviews, we came through 61% of buyers that say, it is easy to use and surprisingly very effective performer. However, the other 39% of the buyers believe its thatch bag is compact in size.

EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower (Battery and Charger Not Included)

as of June 8, 2024 4:19 am

4. Best Cordless Electric Mower: EGO Power+ Cordless Behind Lawn Mower

 Plenty of power, a push-button start, and a bagger for versatility.”


  •  Easily compact foldable.
  •  LED Headlights.
  •  5-year tool and 3 years battery warranty.
  •  Long 55 minutes run time.


  •  Expensive batteries.

Ego Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower gives a performance of a gas mower. But, in an excellent convenient cordless design. As a comparison, this mower makes 40% less noise than an average gas mower. Making it a pleasing choice.

Although this is an electric mower, it does not sacrifice functionality and power. This machine comes in a 3-in-1 functionality that allows mulch, side-discharge chute, and bag usage.

With a simple push-button, you can start the mower; it is easy and convenient to use. Moreover, you can now mow at any time of the day, because this mower comes with LED headlights. Without disturbing your neighbors.

Ego Power has a 56-volt, 600-watt high power magnetic motor that runs on a lithium-ion battery and offers about a long 55-60 minutes of Runtime. Moreover its, 20-inch cut capacity allows owners to speedily progress through your cutting.

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Its fast charger takes only 30 minutes approximately to give a fully charged battery. So no more hassle of recharging. However, purchasing multiple batteries is a good option. We recommend consumers buy an Ego devote battery as they work perfectly with the charger.

This Ego Power comes with a folding feature, it takes only some seconds to store it. It won’t occupy your valuable garage or shed space. At 56.2 pounds, it’s relatively easy to move and use.

Must Add Feature:

This machine comes with two different warranty (five-year for tools and a three-year for battery). As a comparison with other models, it is slightly on the generous side.


In Conclusion, this Ego Power cordless electric lawn mower is a smart purchase. With a 4.2 stars rating, this lawn mower is a powerful machine with foldable features that give easy storage. All these features make it the best electric lawn mower.

As we dig into the customer reviews, we came through 66% of buyers that say it has a long battery life, and its LED is a good addition. However, the other 34% of the buyers were upset that they have to pay for the battery separately. Whereas, we believe this fact is clearly mentioned by the company.

Snapper 1687914 21" SP Walk Mower Kit, Self Propelled, Red/Black

as of June 8, 2024 4:19 am

5. Most Innovative Design: BLACK+DECKER cordless 3-in-1 Mower

” 3-in-1 convert from mower trimmer to edger”


  •  2 years warranty
  •  Switchable cordless battery.
  •  Handy and lightweight.
  •  Adjustable height level, trimmer and rotating handle.
  •  3 in 1 easily convertible from mower to trimmer to edger.


  •  Complicated user manual
  •  Not recommended for larger space

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, Edger, 3-in-1 (MTC220)

as of June 8, 2024 4:19 am

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Is purchasing an Electric Mower a good decision?

A. It is in human nature that we feel comfortable with the products that we are using for years. Moreover, have seen our elders using them. But, it’s a good time we accept that these new innovative technology products save energy and time.

Q. What is the difference between the self-propelled mower and a push mower? And which one is better?

A.  A push mower due to its lightweight is more comfortable to operate or move as compared to the self-propelled mower. But, analyzing both self-propelled mowers works faster due to a propelled motor. And is heavy as it comes with thrust gearbox.

Q. What features should I look for when buying a lawn mower?

A. It depends on the requirements and surface area for which you want to purchase mower. Every feature matter, battery charging and running time, prices, size, warranty, operation sound and most importantly the motor performance. Some electric mower is better than others. Make a wise choice.

Q. Is maintaining an Electric lawn Mowers expensive?

A. Firstly, electric lawn mower as a comparison is easier to maintain. Whether it be a corded mower or a cordless. So, unlike the gasoline lawn mower, you don’t have to spend a lot on maintenance. Moreover, all you have to look after electric mower is their blades, batteries, cords, and undercarriage. To sum up, proper storage can reduce cleaning time and can increase mower life.


In conclusion, purchasing an electric lawn mower is a smart choice for every lawn owner. Whether you have a small lawn or a large spread lawn. This best electric lawn mower will help you maintain your lawn. You can save time, energy, space and money by making a choice to replace your old gasoline mower with an electric mower. Moreover, keep our list in mind before you spend your money. I hope you find a microwave that fits your kitchen perfectly. Leave us a comment to let us know if this was helpful.

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