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At any particular time, when a need is there for any person to consume a sparkling juice soda or just sparkling water, an innovative soda machine can enable you to prepare refreshing drinks by yourself.

Soda makers have remained available for people for a long time. It is important to note that it was only for commercial use. However, as time has passed and demand has also increased, now we can see the best soda makers benefitting people for home-use as well.

With this option, now it has become easier for you in making your own sparkling water along with flavored sodas. It will help to reduce packaging with the replacement of store-bought products.

After all, when you make your own soda, you will know exactly what to consume. This will undoubtedly remain an incredible advantage. From plain water to carbonating cocktails and fruit juices, the home soda machine will help you a lot in making these drinks.

Why Should You Buy a Soda Maker?

It is an essential requirement for introducing you to all the necessary soda makers. These are basically non-electric machines or siphons that are vital in carbonating regular tap water and turning them into fresh soda water. This is an item that you can make and also enjoy at your home, outside or at the office.

These machines or water carbonators are quite easy to use. You can customize the soda water in any way and even make your own personalized fizzy drinks. This activity can have a lot of fun for you. Apart from this factor, you can also control how fizzy the drink should be.

The drink is only made with water and CO2; thus you have an option to control what goes inside the drink as it is a much healthier option as compared to soda drinks that are available at stores.

These machines have even helped in eliminating the plastic packaging that is involved with the ready to drink sodas. Thus, it is an eco-friendly way to drink as much soda you can. If you have decided to invest in a soda maker, which is certainly a smart, economical decision, then it is necessary to have a look at different options available in the market.

There are a large number of different models and types of soda makers. It can become difficult in choosing the one that is most suitable for you.

In this review, we have listed out the best soda makers to meet all your essential needs. One of them is guaranteed to provide meaningful satisfaction that you always needed.

Top 3 Soda Makers in 2023

Before we dive into a detailed review of best soda makers to buy in 2020, here are the top 3 soda makers for you:

  1. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker – Our Top Pick
  2. Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker – Runner Up
  3. Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water – Best Budget Product

Detailed Reviews of Best Soda Makers

Let’s delve into the review of each model one by one

1. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker – Our Top Pick

“Just enjoy sparkling water with the touch of a button with the SodaStream Fizzi. It is as simple as that!”


  •  The Product Has an Excellent Design and Finish
  •  The Availability of Three Color Options
  •  Easy To Use
  •  The Product is Slim Which Makes It Easier To Fit Into Smaller Spaces
  •  60 Litre Co2 Cylinder Also Included
  •  BPA Free Reusable Bottle
  •  The Availability of Bundle Pack


  •  No Indication Of Fizz Level

This particular SodaStream does not have a requirement to have a connection with a power outlet, which means it can be used anywhere for making a sparkling drink in seconds.

The product is available in a selection of colors to suit your kitchen. It is also quite compact and does not require a lot of space as it comes with a 33.8 fl. oz. (1-litre) carbonating slim. SodaStream is also completely reusable and is easy to use because of the snap-lock bottle insertion feature.

With this particular soda maker, you can also get a 60 litre CO2 cylinder and a reusable BPA free 1-litre bottle. Undoubtedly, you can start using this product in the best possible way.

Another aspect that you just need to add water to the bottle, fix it in the right position, press the button and then enjoy your drink!

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The better option is that you can buy this unit in a bundle pack. This pack contains two 60 litre cylinders, three reusable bottles, and two SodaStream flavors lost that contain zero-calorie fruit drops (lime and orange). This pack will keep you satisfied for a long time and enjoy the overall experience.

Bottom Line

For having a never-ending soda water supply at your home or office, this SodaStream is indeed your perfect choice.


2. Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker – Runner Up

“The product is a real contender for Best Soda Maker and is a viable alternative to Soda Stream”.


  •  It Is Simple and Easy To Operate
  •  The Product Can Turn Almost Any Liquid into a Fizzy Drink
  •  The Unique Cap Can Prevent Any Kind of Mess
  •  It Is Small and Has a Compact Footprint
  •  There Is No Requirement of Batteries or Electricity


  •  The Product Is Not Dishwasher Safe
  •  It Requires Sodastream CO2 Canisters

The Drinkmate Carbonation Maker has an elegant finish and also looks great. The product is available in different colors such as in white, black or red.

With this particular machine, you can carbonate anything. Several models only restrict you to carbonating water but not the case with this product. Any liquid that you can think of for carbonating is suitable to go!

The fizz infuser is strongly fitted with two crucial release buttons. This makes it easier for you to control how much carbon content is necessary for your drink. Furthermore, the unit does not even require any electricity or batteries, so it cannot have any effect on your power bills.

The product has an inclusion of a BPA-free bottle and soda maker is also safe to use. This bottle has a marking that allows putting maximum content in it.

Thus for any beginner, he can get more fizz and fewer spills with this excellent soda maker. To make your experience further great, an inclusion of a 3-ounce carbon cylinder is also included in the pack.

Bottom Line:

Most of the fantastic carbonated drink ideas can become a reality with this particular Drinkmate soda maker.


3. Drinkmate Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water – Best Budget Blender

“The DrinkMate Spritzer is indeed the ideal product for the consumers, and it provides several advantages.”


  •  It Has a Small Size
  •  The Product is Easy to Use
  •  It is Portable


  •  The Product is not Convenient in Terms of Handheld Usage
  •  It cannot Carbonate Liquid which Contains the Pulp

The portable version associated with DrinkMate is basically the handheld carbonator. It does a remarkable job without the help of the stand. It has a strong ability in accepting a large carbonation canister, but it is much more portable with the help of a mini canister.

You can keep DrinkMate in a drawer at home or even at work. You also have the option to toss it into a backpack or to take it anywhere.

The product utilizes the same bottles for use as compared to the countertop DrinkMate unit. As a result, you have an option to keep one at a permanent home while taking the second one during traveling. In this way, you can quickly carbonate water, but a possibility also exists to carbonate any other liquid.

With the help of DrinkMate, you can have a fizzy green juice for breakfast, fizzy iced tea or lemonade with lunch. You can also make fizzy wine in the evening just to have fun. This can come in different colors such as in black, pewter or red, so an option does exist in selecting the one you like best.

Bottom Line

DrinkMate is suitable for making a variety of products that helps to carbonate drinks. Spritzer is undoubtedly one of the most portable options.


4. FIZZpod Soda Maker

“FIZZpod is an ideal product that enables you in the creation of numerous health drinks which are packed with natural flavor”.


  •  It comes with several features such as 3 PET bottles, manual and 1 carbonator cap
  •  The product can carbonate not just plain water but anything
  •  It is available in three colors (black, white and grey)
  •  Price is Reasonable
  •  Can easily take off and attach a bottle without much of a Hassle
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  •  The product does not come with a CO2 cylinder.

The FIZZpod soda maker from Drinkpod makes it possible for you in enjoying a carbonated drink which is packed very well with nutrition and flavor. It makes it easier for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best aspects related to this soda maker is that it makes it easier for you in creating an extensive number of very delicious drinks.

For people, who require carbonation added to water, all that you need to do is fill the soda maker with purified water. It would help you in getting the crisp sparkling water that is ready for a wedge of lime, orange, and lemon.

The FIZZpod soda maker comprises of three bottles that have a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. It is vital to note because PET plastic does not have potentially harmful chemicals like the bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates.

One of the coolest aspects related to this soda maker is that it has the capability of air charging which is beneficial for users.

With regards to the durability factor, the carbonator was able to pass ultrasonic along with blast tests. Consequently, it is expected that the soda maker would last for several years to come.

Bottom Line

Apart from the fresh fruit or vegetables, the FIZZpod soda maker comes with everything that any user requires to make the favorite product.


5. SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

“The Sodastream Source can allow you to easily and quickly make sodas along with sparkling water with the help of just a single button press.”


  •  The product has a nice finish and design
  •  There are options of two colors
  •  It does not have a requirement of any electric or battery power
  •  The box of the product includes everything
  •  It has a BPA free bottle


  •  The detailed instructions are not included in the product

The SodaStream Source water maker has a very sophisticated and sleek look, and the biggest surprise for the users is its ease of use. Plus, you do not even need any batteries or electricity to operate this product.

Another crucial aspect of the machine is its compatibility with carbon dioxide canister. You can use even this device by the back of the machine. All these CO2 cylinders can help you make 60 one-litre bottles of carbonated drinks.

The soda maker is also quite easy to use, and it has a powerful feature of carbonating a water bottle in a matter of just a few seconds. This machine even comes with an elegant one-litre bottle which is made of BPA-free material. It is a good option to quickly making your personalized sodas drink at any time of the day.

The machine even has a beautifully designed LED indicator that quickly shows the carbonation level completed in the right way. This can also help you to select your fizzy drink. When the soda water would be ready, you can easily drink it right away.

The most crucial aspect is using this machine at outdoor parties in serving your guests with freshly made carbonated beverages.

Bottom Line

There is certainly little wonder about the fact that Sodastream Source has made it into our Best Products list.


Best Soda Maker – The Complete Buying Guide

  • Handheld or countertop

With regards to soda makers, there are mainly two types- that are handheld and countertop. The utilization of the countertop design takes place on a table. Hence, this is the reason it is less portable but is indeed more stable.

This aspect increases the capability of soda makers in holding up a CO2 container which has a capacity of 60 litres or 130 litres. Thus, it is undoubtedly the right choice if you need to purchase a soda maker for your family.

In the case of handheld ones, they are in smaller varieties, and the majority of them are soda siphons. The advantage is that you can easily carry it in your hand. Secondly, you can then use them for stylishly serving carbonated beverages.

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The handheld soda makers make use of small CO2 cartridges rather than cylinders. This feature helps in serving water without needing to open the cap of the bottle. The CO2 does not get lost during the serving of the drink.

  • Source of CO2

For carbonation of regular water, soda makers ensure CO2 into the water. This is the main reason because of which all soda makers need CO2. It makes it possible to turn water fizzy.

In the case of countertop soda makers, there are a lot of CO2 cylinders that have different capacities such as 60 litres, 90 litres, 130 litres, etc. They are all bought from stores, but they get refilled when finished.

  • Bottle material and capacity

Usually, soda makers have a requirement to come with a bottle that gets filled with water or liquid to have carbonation. For the majority of the soda makers, the bottle is not just made of plastic but it is reusable as well.

However, if you want to avoid plastics, then it is better to consider soda makers which have glass bottles. Another important option is preferring soda siphons that are mainly built with stainless steel.

The crucial aspect that matters is the capacity of the bottle which determines the requirement of drink you can make at any time.

  • Design

As it is said for any household product, the design of a soda maker is a vital factor that can help you to determine which one can fit your personal preference the most.

Since the soda maker has a position at a visible place such as a countertop, it is better to go for the one that looks very classy with a bit of vintage touch. It is also essential to look at the sleek and modern design which looks good at your house.

  • Versatility

All the soda makers are primarily used for water carbonation and making freshly made seltzer. You even have an option in adding different syrup flavors or fresh fruit for making your favorite soda drink.

Some of the soda makers even make it possible for you to carbonate liquids other than just water such as wine, tea, coffee apple cider, juice, etc.

If you are in a mood to go for experimentation or make new drinks, then it is necessary to consider soda makers for carbonating versatile types of liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Soda Maker

In the following paragraphs, we are going to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions with regards to the best soda makers. It will help in making a 100% informed decision.

Q1- How do most of the Soda Makers mainly work?

The working of soda makers takes place when carbon dioxide is added from a pressurized cylinder to regular water. This helps in creating a carbonated beverage. There are the majority of the soda machines that come with a CO2 cylinder and more than one reusable container.

Q2- Is it possible to use Tap Water in the Soda maker?

It is undoubtedly possible to use tap water in a Soda maker or any other carbonated beverage maker. When the carbonation of water takes place, then flavorings are added based on your choosing.

Q3- Is Sparkling water not good for your health?

No evidence exists that sparkling water is bad for your health. It is even not harmful to your teeth and bone health. However, you need to avoid adding a lot of sugar or other calorie-filled additions. This can then make the beverage not good for your health.

A Few Final Words

A soda maker will make your life easier as you will have no requirements anymore for holding a package of soda cans. The soda maker is even cost-effective as compared to purchasing separate soda cans.

It is healthier for you to make use of soda makers as there is no need to consume high fructose corn syrups. You can make your mix of soda beverages. Now, as you have all the vital knowledge about the best soda makers, so buy one of them for either your home or office. Enjoy all the fizzy drinks in the future.

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